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Sirens of Travel

This project is meant to highlight the unsung artists I meet along my travels. In an attempt to foster community and build lasting bonds, I invite you to give me notice of your talents that I may gather them in good use at artistic happenings.

Past events include:

Open Mics
Pop-Up shows
House Shows
Song circle/workshop
Gallery Nights
Singer-Songwriter Showcasing
Home-Producer Unfinished Project Sharing
Musical Speed Dating
Artistic Retreats
Private Festivals

Send me your name, stage name, talent/skill, instagram handle or email, pricing, and what it is you're looking to do (i.e perform, record, etc).

As events are created, I'll keep you in mind for the right fit.

Renaissance Road

Collaborating with local venues throughout a several month span (May-September), musicians can get stamped from playing gigs at designated venues, with prizes for reaching certain points.

0 Gigs = Advice on how to book gigs
5 Gigs = Photo Shoot (limited editing) and assistance with flyer making/distribution
10 Gigs = Spot on Local Radio station(s)
20 Gigs = Live Recording + Photo's at House Show
(limited mixing & mastering/editing)
30 Gigs = 3 days studio time (limited mixing & mastering) with access to session musicians to fill out your sound, plus lineup at Private Festival annually held last weekend of July.

Gathering artists is a fetish of mine... open mics, gallery nights, immersive parties, festivals - I love it all.

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